Precious metal

Precious metal trade

As a long-term investment product, trading and holding physical precious metals in recent years is very popular among individual investors. No matter experienced investors or gold investment beginners can take the product advantages to get lots of opportunities to make profits because of the huge trading market, the flexible trading method and simple trading operation.

Advantages of the FE to trade precious metals

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About gold and silver

As a result of several substantial price changes, more and more investors are interested in the trading of precious metals. Gold and silver have experienced huge fluctuations caused by political and market sentiment changes and the supply and demand standards of these metals.

Unlike most commodities, gold prices do not rest with the production and consumption level. The price varies according to political change, which makes gold play a hedging function when other markets not reliable. Silver, like gold, is unique, and the price of them fluctuates more wildly than any other metals because they are widely used in different industries.

Both gold and silver are considered asset products, and many investors view them as a store of value when monetary is unreliable. They have a hunch that gold and silver prices are more likely to fight economic downturn or financial crisis compared with other asset products.

In recent years, more and more people choose to buy and collect precious metals as long-term investments. This offers new opportunities such as small-capital intensive derivatives and trading contracts, and simpler methods of gold and silver rolling to investors interested in short-term investments.

Product NameLoco London Gold (LLG), Loco London Silver (LLS)
Lots Each Time of OrderingA maximum of 10 lots,At least 0.1 lot
Maximum Positions60 lots
SpreadLLG: 0.5dollars; LLS: 0.04dollars
Contract UnitLLG: 100 ounce/lot; LLS: 5000 ounce/lot
Overnight InterestLLG: buying rate: -3.00%, selling rate: -0.00%  
           LLS: buying rate: -2.75%, selling rate: -0.25% 
           A 3-day overnight interest is collected on Wednesday
Trading HoursBeijing Time 
           08:00 Monday morning to 03:00 Saturday morning (DST), to 04:00 Saturday morning 
           (Standard Time); trading available 24 hours aside from settlement hours 03:00-03:20 (DST), 
           04:00-04:20 (Standard Time)
Leverage Ratio100 times
MarginsLLG: 1000 dollars/lot; LLS: 2000 dollars/lot
Service Charge50 dollars/lot
Forced LiquidationThe system will lock the position when the effective margin is less than 20% automatically, and the position will be closed when the equity is less than 0.

All limit orders will be automatically cancelled after market close on Friday