78 company is expected to double its net profit growth in the first half of the year
37 2019-06-17
  In the second quarter, the results of the mid-year report of the A-share listed companies were released. The data shows that as of June 11th, the reporters have posted 429 companies in the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets to disclose the results of the first half of the 2019 report, of which 180 companies have a performance pre-history, accounting for 41.95%; The 78 companies are expected to double their net profit in the first half of the year.
  Among the above-mentioned 78 companies, the four companies, namely Kaier New Materials (300234), Minhe (002234), Ningbo Fubon (600768) and Tianshun (002800), reported a growth of more than 1000%. In addition, Zhejiang Yongqiang (002489), China Resources (002738), Jinyi Technology (002869), Sega Technology (002796), Xiantan (002746), Meijim (002621), Tongda (002560), Evergrande The net profit growth of 12 companies including Gaoxin (002591), Jinlaite (002723), Shengnong Development (002299), Daqing Huake (000985) and Moen Electric (002451) is also expected to exceed 300%.
  Among them, the highest increase in net profit is expected to be the new Kaier, the company expects net profit in the first half of this year to be 0.6 billion to 65 million yuan, an increase of 8559.26% to 9280.86%. The significant increase in performance was mainly due to the accelerated release of the market space of the company‘s main business (subway, tunnel), and the market for desulfurization and denitrification of power plants in energy conservation and environmental protection business was warming up. At the same time, the investment benefits of the company‘s extended expansion in the previous year gradually reflected. It is worth noting that the net profit of Kaier New Materials in 2017 and 2018 is a loss. Thanks to the sharp increase in performance, the recent share price of Kiel New Materials has performed well, and its share price has doubled so far during the year.
  Among the other three companies whose performance forecast has grown by more than 1000%, Minhe expects net profit for the first half of the year to be 800 million yuan to 960 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 4244.40% to 5113.28%. The sharp increase in performance is mainly due to the company‘s main product products. The sales price of the chickens was higher than that of the same period. Ningbo Fubon expects net profit for the first half of the year to be around 130 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 4272.97%. The significant improvement in performance was mainly attributable to the confirmation of the transfer income of the company‘s aluminum sheet and strip related assets. Tianshun shares are expected to have a net profit of 9.5 million yuan to 14 million yuan, an increase of 850.00% to 1300.00%, mainly due to the investment income from the sale of subsidiaries‘ equity in the reporting period.
  Analysts said that as the market enters the stage of repeated consolidation, with the increase in the disclosure of the notice, the funds will be screened for a new round of investment targets, and the market will turn to companies with good development prospects and mid-term performance. It is expected to become the next hot spot.
  Five industries such as chemical industry account for the largest proportion
  From the perspective of the industry, 78 companies that are expected to achieve net profit growth of more than 100% in the first half of the year are mainly distributed in chemical (10), mechanical equipment (9), electronics (7), and electrical equipment (6). Media (5) in these 5 industries. In addition, 3-4 companies in agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery, household appliances, computers, textiles and clothing, medical and biological, communications, and light industry manufacturing industries are expected to double their performance in the semi-annual report.
  The data shows that 10 companies with doubling their performance in the first half of the year are Enjie (002812), Shandong Heda (002810), Baomo (002476), Jacques (002409), Jiangnan Chemical (002226), Hongbaoli. (002165), Qingdao Jinwang (002094), Demei Chemical (002054), Yunnan Nengtou (002053) and Daqing Huake (000985). Among them, Daqing Huake and Hongbaoli both expect net profit growth to exceed 200%.
  Analysts believe that environmental protection requirements and strict screening of safety production after the explosion of Jiangsu chemical plant have a profound impact on the supply and demand of the entire industry, which is equivalent to a new round of supply contraction in the chemical industry. It is the beginning of the supply-side reform of the chemical industry. Under the tight balance between supply and demand, the price of products continues to rise and the competitive advantage is concentrated in large and medium-sized enterprises. This is the reason why the performance forecast of chemical stocks is outstanding.
  For chemical stocks, brokerage analysts said that severe rectification will lead to production non-compliance, and environmental protection investment is not in place, SMEs will be accelerated, and industry concentration will be further enhanced. After the new capacity control and factory building thresholds are upgraded, the industry supply structure will gradually stabilize, and the moat of leading enterprises will further deepen. Especially for listed chemical leading enterprises with obvious advantages in technology, scale, environmental protection, safety, capital and industrial chain, they will form a strong and strong bureau.