3 years of Brexit efforts are expected to float clouds.
38 2019-06-17
  Johnson was elected or restarted the Brexit negotiations. Will Britain’s efforts to leave the EU in the past three years be in vain?
  Boris Johnson is expected to become the leader of the Conservative Party. He has said that he will try to renegotiate the agreement between the UK and the EU, claiming that he will refuse to pay 39 billion pounds, and the bill had agreed to pay the fee when the British left the euro zone.
  Environment Minister Michael Gove was one of the first most popular candidates, and his campaign was hit by the scandal of past contraband abuse, which led to an increase in the review of all candidates, some admitted I used to take recreational drugs during my college years.
  Most people are keen to promote their qualifications to support Brexit, as the wider Conservatives and the public who support the Brexit call for the government to make progress from the EU before the new deadline of October 31.
  Boris Johnson is expected to become the leader of the Conservative Party. He has said that he will try to renegotiate the agreement between the UK and the EU, claiming that he will refuse to pay 39 billion pounds, and the previous bill had agreed that the UK would pay for the departure of the euro zone. Break-up fee."
  Since the Brexit referendum in June 2016, negotiations on the Brexit have been underway for three years. If the prospect of restarting negotiations under the leadership of Boris Johnson will give the EU and the British political circles an angry sigh.
  British manufacturing industry fell into weakness after storming orders
  In the three months to April this year, the UK economy lost its growth momentum and contracted by 0.4% in April. The economic contraction in April was mainly due to the sharp decline in automobile production, and the manufacturing industry generally weakened in April. As the UK completes orders ahead of schedule, car production has “substantially” declined. The automaker adjusted its production plan before the Brexit on March 29, and advanced the summer downtime by several months in an attempt to alleviate the impact of the non-agreement exit.
  According to data released by the Office for National Statistics on Monday, in the three months to April, the UK economy slowed to 0.3%, down from 0.5% in January-March.
  HSBC senior economist Elizabeth? According to Elizabeth Martins, the impact of the economic weakness seems to be broader than the manufacturing industry.
  “The manufacturing industry has fallen – offsetting all the gains of the past three months, and then falling back – but the output of the service industry is flat and the construction industry is also declining. So maybe not all things can be reversed by stocks. To explain."
  The Brexit Party waits for the Conservative Party to lose time
  The Brexit party led by British suspected European coach Faraqi, after winning a big victory in the European parliament last month, aimed at the Peterborough constituency meeting, and hoped to win the victory and break the monopoly of the party by the Conservative Party and the Labor Party. The Brexit party was first elected to the National Assembly.
  The constituency seat was originally appointed by Labour Party member Ona Sanya, but she was sentenced to imprisonment for false testimony in the speeding case and was deprived of her membership. At present, there are 15 candidates competing for by-elections. The Brexit party sent a businessman Green to fight against the main party candidate Forbes. On June 7, the results showed that the new Labour candidate Forbes won the British Brexit party. .
  In an interview, Farage could not conceal the disappointment of the Brexit party‘s failure to squeeze into the European Parliament, but he continued to remind the Conservative Party that even if it fails, he will still bring danger. Despite failing to win the Peterborough by-election on Thursday, simply pushing the Conservatives to third place is enough to scare the most optimistic Conservative MPs.
  Most importantly, as long as the United Kingdom does not achieve Brexit, Farage will pose a threat to the Conservative Party‘s power. A private analysis by a Conservative minister shows that if the Brexit party maintains its current support rate, the Conservative Party may fall to 50 seats in the next election.