Deposit & Withdraw


1. Log in to the real account interface for deposit operations.

2. The first deposit amount is 5000 usd for account activation.


1. Log in the firm offer account, and then click on the “deposit/ withdrawal” button. To avoid delay in withdrawal, please confirm the bank account information before giving the withdrawal instruction. The amount of withdrawal will be deposited back to your registered bank account. The currency of withdrawal is the same as that of the bank account you registered.

2. The information of the withdrawal account must be consistent with the information of the provided bank card and ID card. The customer must also provide the detailed information of the bank where the account was opened. Otherwise the withdrawal application will not be accepted.

3. After the withdrawal application is submitted successfully, it will be processed in a timely manner. The transfer time to the account depends on the arrangement of the bank where the withdrawal is made and is subject to the specific transfer time of the said bank. The withdrawal service is not available on holidays and weekends.

4. If the withdrawal is not in RMB, the company shall pay the withdrawal by telegraphic transfer. The administrative expenses required by the remitting bank, intermediary bank and beneficiary’s bank will be deducted from the withdrawal amount.

5. If 40 % of the total deposit has not been used for dealing trade or not any trading after the last money deposit, three percent of the withdrawal amount will be charged as the transaction fee. For example, a customer deposits US$10,000 in a single transaction. For transactions(calculated by accumulation) of over US$4,000, the transaction fees of position building will be paid by our company; for transactions of less than US$4,000, the transaction fees must be paid by the customer.

6. If a single withdrawal is less than US$200, no matter whether the number of transactions is enough or not, a US$20 withdrawal fee will be charged.

7. If the client‘s account funds are less than 100usd for more than 3 months, the trading account will be automatically cancelled.