Crude oil

Crude oil

Crude oil is one of the world‘s most important natural resources and one of the most frequently traded commodities. Spot crude oil trade can be carried out in the AILEN GLOBAL LIMITED. It is a spot contract in which a specific quality of crude oil is the subject matter and it is a CFD transaction, not involving the commodity itself, and the risk protection only is margin. The T+0 trading system suitable for cash is implemented, which can be bought up or down with no restriction, small risk, and flexible settlement. For investors, it has stronger investment than other types of transactions and high income. The AILEN GLOBAL LIMITED now provides customers with widely traded US crude oil (West Texas Intermediate crude) and Brent crude oil, allowing investors to trade easily with just one account.

Brent crude oil (BRENT-IPE)

It is mainly produced in the Brent area of the North Britain of the North Atlantic Ocean, and widely traded in future, OTC swaps, forward and spot physical market. BRENT crude oil, the core of the global oil pricing system today, is considered “a highly flexible tool to avoid risks and conduct transactions". About 70% of the international crude oil trades directly or indirectly take the price formed in the Brent market system as a price benchmark.

The West Texas crude oil (WTI-NYMEX)

It is mainly produced in the United States, and in common use in North America. Light and low-sulfur WTI is taken for all crude oil produced in the United States or sold to the United States when valued. With good liquidity and high price transparency, the Crude Oil Future Contract is one of the three benchmark prices.

Product NameCrude Oil
Lots Each Time of OrderingA maximum of 5 lots,At least 0.1 lot
Maximum Positions30 lots
Spread0.05 dollars
Contract Unit1 lot=1,000 barrels
Contract Expiration DatePlease pay close attention to the notice on the official website
Holding Cost5 dollars for buying and 5 dollars for selling every day; a 3-day overnight interest is collected every Wednesday
Trading TimeStandard Time Opening 7:15am Monday to Closing 04:00am Saturday 
           (Suspended 06:00 to 07:15 every day) 
           DST Opening 7:15am Monday to Closing 03:00am Saturday 
           (Suspended 05:00 to 06:15 every day) 
           System settlement hours every day: (DST) 3:00-3:20; (Standard Time) 4:00-4:20 
Margin800 dollars/lot
Service Charge50 dollars/lot
SettlementFor non-physical deliveries, settle in cash after the end of last trading day each month
Handling upon ExpirationAutomatically transfer after the monthly settlement date (the settlement time is subject to the official announcement, please pay close attention)
Forced LiquidationThe system will lock the position when the effective margin is less than 20% automatically, and the position will be closed when the equity is less than 0.

*This agreement does not accept applications from Hong Kong or American ID card holders

All limit orders will be automatically cancelled after market close on Friday